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Bewley’s Irish Afternoon Loose Leaf Tea

5.0 (1 review)


This Award-winning Irish Afternoon Tea is a blend of the finest Rwandan, Assam Indian, and East of the Rift Kenyan teas. A golden color tea that is brisk and very refreshing. A perfect afternoon pick up.

1 – 250g Loose Leaf Tea in resealable pouch

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1 review for Bewley’s Irish Afternoon Loose Leaf Tea

  1. btdoughty (verified owner)

    A strong, dark tea, this is one of my very favorites. I have tried many different varieties, from a multitude of brands, and there are only about 3-4 that I can drink day-in, day-out without them starting to lose their appeal. This and Bewley’s Dublin Morning Tea are on that short list. To me, this is the better of the two. I’ve been drinking this variety pretty much daily for 7-8 years, and when brewed with care, I still find myself saying “Mmm, now that’s a good cup of tea.”

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